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About Feng Hong

Henan Fung Hong Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and innovation of environmental technology, from technology research to product manufacturing. Its business scope includes artificial fog, high-pressure spray, fog system, air treatment, disinfection and cooling, dust suppression and dust suppression. Fung Hong technology adhering to the purpose of protecting life enterprises with technology, providing customers with full process services from design investigation, product customization, installation and commissioning, after-sale service to technical support.
Feng Hong technology provides professional solutions for artificial fog landscape, humidifying and dedusting products. Widely used in landscaping and landscaping of residential areas. ; Cooling and Dustfall in ore mining and workshop ; Farms, epidemic prevention stations, slaughterhouses, and moving / Plant transportation vehicle disinfection ; Pedestrian passageways such as food factories, hospitals, entry and exit ports and other places with high hygienic requirements.
Fung Hong technology focuses on environmental protection, integrates many years of industry experience and advanced technology, and hopes to provide high efficiency, low energy consumption, pollution-free products and create a green, healthy and comfortable life and production environment for Industry and customers through scientific and technological progress and product functions.
Feng Hung's staff is awed by the fear of life, from raw material procurement to product manufacturing, from design concept to production process. Product quality and service are the bottom line for Feng Hong's customers. Only by adhering to their own values is the most rewarding for customers, industry and society.

We immerse ourselves in user experience.

The possibility of digging and creating more business opportunities for you

Business design under service thinking

Abandon exaggeration to achieve common goals.

Lean cooperation and sharing attitude

Let us help you with your dreams.

Service advantages

Creativity, process and execution are indispensable.
Since its inception, our business direction has always been unchanged, focusing on doing one thing well can better pursue high quality, which is also the value of our existence. In the future, we continue to create on the basis of this belief.
In the process of continuous innovation and practice, we sum up the sustainable and reliable design process, persist in thinking with users, discover problems, solve problems, output design plans, and enhance the value of customers' products and enterprises by using design methods.
Over the years, a large number of excellent project cases have been accumulated, and the value of the design has been verified. In the continuous exploration of experience, with the result oriented, continue to provide excellent design for more customers.
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