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Factory dust and fog generation

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With the continuous development of science and technology, the high pressure micro fog dust suppression system has quickly integrated into the market, and its biggest function is dustfall. Nowadays, a lot of large factories have a lot of dust every day. For workers, the body and mind are very harmful for a long time. Therefore, it is very important for a factory to install a high pressure micro fog dustfall system.

Feng hung technology spray dust control system program advantages:

1, fine fog: the diameter of high pressure micro fog particles is only 5-10 m, which is like the cloud and mist in the mountains, evaporating rapidly in the air to form water vapor and humidifying effect.

2, energy saving: atomizing 1 kilograms of water consumes only about 2.2W of power, which is one percent of the traditional electrothermal humidifier.

3, reliable: high pressure micro mist industrial humidifier main engine adopts imported industrial piston pump, which can operate continuously for 24 hours.

4. Hygiene: the water in the high pressure micro fog system is sealed and recycled, and it will not cause bacteria to propagate.

5. Humidification: large humidification and free combination. The output flow of the high pressure micro mist industrial humidifier is adjusted from 100KG/H to 1800KG/H, and the sprinkler can be arranged arbitrarily in the flow range, and the humidification accuracy can also be adjusted.

 Factory dust and fog generation

Workshop spray dust control system application industry:

Humidification: increasing air humidity in textile mills, cotton wadding warehouses, cigarette factories, electronic factories, paper mills, printing workshops, laboratories, flour processing plants, etc.

Cooling: outdoor restaurants, venues, gymnasiums, sports grounds, airports, bus stops, large gatherings, Gaestgiveriet Hotel, livestock farms, pigs, horses, cattle and sheep to cool down;

Agriculture: used for family farms, mushroom farms, circus arena, bird house, kennel and feeding grounds, so that the environment is suitable for all kinds of poultry growth.

Dust reduction: reducing air dust and particles: controlling pollution mainly by farms and mines.

Misty Sen: the fine particles suspended in the air are moving like clouds and smoke, moving in the breeze, creating a charming landscape effect.

Industry: hardware workshop, machinery workshop, textile workshop, clothing workshop, printing and dyeing, shoemaking, plastic, injection molding, die casting, heat treatment, casting, glass products, spraying, electroplating, electronics, chemical engineering, metallurgy, leather, toy manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, etc., used for cooling and dust removal, and also can be used to reduce static interference.

Feng hung technology has focused on the production of high pressure micro fog and dust reduction equipment for many years. It has worked with many factories and has done many projects. The products have been recognized by consumers and built up a good reputation in the market. We believe that Feng Hong technology is a reliable manufacturer of your value.

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