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Micro mist dedusting

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I wonder if you have noticed that there are lots of dust in many parts of our life, such as city, industry, architecture and so on. We attract a lot of dust every day, which poses a great threat to our body for a long time, especially respiratory tract infection. The most powerful function of our high pressure mist and dust suppression equipment is to reduce dust and purify the quality of ambient air.

 Micro mist dedusting

Workshop spray dust control equipment: use high pressure plunger pump to raise the water pressure to 4-7Mpa, then atomize the pressurized water through the high pressure transmission pipeline by the nozzle, produce 3 to 15 m micro mist particles, so that it can absorb heat quickly from the air to complete vaporization and diffusion, thus completing the purpose of humidifying and cooling air.

1, humidification is large, the standard can achieve humidification 1080kg per hour.

2, control area is large, standard can control 3800m3 space humidification.

3, sprinkler head is not blocked, not bad, no drip technology.

4, standard multiple branches, with frequency conversion system, can achieve a single branch control alone.

5, widely used, not only can be used for humidification, but also for cooling, cooling, fog Sen landscape.

6. High pressure main engine adopts imported Italy pump to ensure the original plant is original, safe and reliable, and has high cost performance.

Our high pressure mist and dust suppression system is widely used in many industries such as sales department, factory, zoo and so on. Moreover, our dust suppression equipment is made of natural fog to purify the air quality. It has no harm to the human body. It is also very economical for water and electricity consumption. It is an energy saving, environmental protection, safe and healthy fog and dust suppression equipment.

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