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Greenhouse cooling

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As we all know, vegetables and flowers and plants in the greenhouse are very high quality. Moreover, we usually use the very transparent film to cover the greenhouse, which is able to absorb a lot of sunlight. But every summer during the hot season, the temperature inside the greenhouse will rise very rapidly, because the temperature is particularly high, so it is not conducive to the growth of vegetables and flowers and plants. Therefore, in the face of this phenomenon, it is a very practical method to install cooling system.
 Greenhouse cooling

Application of cooling system to greenhouse cooling

1. ensure all normal growth and development of vegetables, fruits, potted flowers and edible fungi in greenhouse, and promote their production and income, and enhance the company's economic benefits.

2. reasonably reduce the survival rate of plants under high temperature and natural environment and avoid drought and pests.

3. ensure that the green plants in greenhouse are physically and mentally healthy, and the water content of fertilizer application is low.

4. artificial fog is low consumption, environmental protection and energy saving, it is 1/10 of traditional artificial fog machine equipment.

5. artificial fog makes atomized particulates and meticulous, can quickly volatilize in gas, high efficiency and high water utilization rate.

6. the effect of artificial fog is better, faster, and the actual effect is obvious. Particles are meticulous and are not easy to harm the growth of plant species.

Greenhouse spray cooling system automatic control system and manual operation can be arbitrarily converted, time manipulation and environmental humidity control double high precision adjustment, can maintain intelligent management method, for employees do not require too high their own technical standards, very easy entry.

Under such simple conditions, it is still possible to guarantee the artificial fog per hour 95~800kg. It can take into account the 7000 square meters of indoor space temperature reduction in the following space, the minimum power value, the complete set of machine equipment needs only 1.2~3.2KW, the fine particles are very fine 5~12 m, the smoke is strong, the sprayer has good practical effect, the pipeline is at ease, the particles are well proportioned.

Our cooling system is very good for indoor and outdoor applications, not only in the greenhouse, but also in factories, gas stations, scenic spots and many environments. Our cooling system is simple and convenient to use, and it will not cause too much damage to the water and electricity. It can be said to be an energy-saving, safe, environmentally friendly and healthy fog making equipment.

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