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Artificial fog humidification system

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With the rapid development of science and technology, artificial fog has been widely applied to many different industries, and it can play different functions in different places. In addition to landscaping, the biggest function is cooling and humidifying. The water is filtered in the artificial fog host, and the spray is distributed to the surrounding environment by the physical change of water vaporization. It can attract the temperature of the surrounding environment and reduce the temperature of the surrounding environment, so as to achieve a good cooling and humidifying effect. Therefore, our artificial fog equipment can not only play a very good role indoors, but also can be applied outdoors.

 Artificial fog humidification system

The advantages of artificial fog equipment to our life:

1, the cooling effect is obvious: generally it can reach 7 degrees -14 degrees Celsius cooling effect, cooling rapidly.

2, full intelligent control, automatic operation, automatic maintenance.

3, energy saving: low operating cost and power consumption is only 1/1 of traditional compressed air conditioners.

4, covering a large area: each cooling terminal covers an area of 40-65.

5, terminal material selection adopts stainless steel or ABS shell, beautiful and durable, convenient operation and maintenance.

6, environmental protection: no freon, water as raw material in a purely physical way, set aside odor, humidity regulation, increase negative ions in one.

Our artificial fog equipment not only has good landscaping function, but also has good cooling effect and dust suppression effect, which can purify air quality very well and create a good environment for people. Therefore, it is not only good for gardens, rockery, and scenic spots, but also has a good application for the sales department, and adds color to the sales department's greening.

We have been focusing on research and production of artificial fog equipment for many years. We have many projects for many gardens, sales offices, zoos, tourist attractions and other places. If you need it, I believe we will be your best partner.

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