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Fog system

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I wonder if you have heard of the fog system in our life. The fog system is also called artificial fog and landscape fog. It is a special natural atomizing scene formed by the spray of water from the main body of the fog after being filtered out by the sprinkler.

Software system of landscape system for fog system

1, working pressure: (70 - 110 /cm2) can adjust the most suitable working pressure according to work.

2, porcelain plunger pump: ceramic material with good wear resistance can be applied to high-speed operation, improve the water flow and efficiency of sprayer, and maintain working pressure.

3, safety fully automatic pressure relief: when the sprayer stops working, the working pressure of the pressure nozzle is released to avoid nozzle seepage.

4, automatic water less shut down power supply system software: avoid the high speed of hydraulic piston pump due to the absence of water, and improve the service life of hydraulic piston pump.

5. Pressure copper spray tube: high cohesion, good weather resistance, corrosion resistance and pressure resistance.

6, automatic electronic control system: can be implemented regularly, all day service projects.

 Fog system

Application of landscape equipment in fog system

1. Integration of fog and hydrophilic platform: in some functional and high quality residential areas, water and synthetic service platform are very wide. Fog has the excellent function of natural environment. The dynamic and free 3D of water and service platform fog render a refined atmosphere of settlement.

2, the integration of fog and courtyard rockery: courtyard rockery is a common outdoor landscaping element in real estate residential areas. Here, fog and stone, vigorous and graceful, stillness and movement are all combined harmoniously, showing a harmonious scene.

3. Integration of fog and garden waterscape: the integration of fog and water has always been one of the outdoor landscaping methods. Water is gentle and gentle, and fog is misty.

4, the integration of fog and greening: the misty mist covers the green pasture, as if the natural landscape of the mountain area reappears, and the rise of fog is more reasonable to nourish and maintain the growth and development of greening. It can be said that two functions are at one stroke.

5, the integration of fog and plant communities: the fog line is in the middle of the trees, and the flavor of nature is reappearing in a real fantasy. In that interior space created by fog and flowers and trees, there is a hint of stealing and refreshing poetry.

6, the integration of fog and representative landscape: in the real estate District, the representative landscape is a key element, but it also needs other landscape elements to be exposed and combined. No matter hard sculpture works or other more unusual landscapes, combined with fog, it creates a sense of space and a distinct artistic beauty.

Nowadays, the fog system has good application in many industries. It not only brings good rendering to the scenic area, but also purify the air quality of the surrounding environment.

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