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Artificial fog in Henan

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With the continuous development of technology in modern society, artificial fog has quickly integrated into the market and is applied by more and more industries. Artificial fog has many functions, such as dust suppression, landscaping and cooling. It is not only suitable for scenic spots, but also suitable for factories.

 Artificial fog in Henan

What does artificial fog mean?

The artificial fog system aims to achieve the goal of reducing the environmental temperature in a small area by atomizing the water. It aims at beautifying the environment, improving air quality, creating suitable ecological and working environment elements, etc., and is widely used in garden attractions, stage settings, leisure places, greenhouses, workshops, and mines.

Used in rockery, open-air restaurant, square, golf training field, fountain and other places, it can form the charming effect of zero smoke around the smoke, produce a large number of negative oxygen ions, make the air fresh and moist, and can change the local microclimate.

It can effectively control indoor humidity in textile workshop, so as to provide a most suitable environment for cotton yarn, minimize yarn breaking rate and reduce production cost.

It can be used in livestock and poultry house, using fog fumigating, sterilizing and killing without dead angle. In hot season, it can provide suitable temperature and humidity for livestock and poultry, increase survival rate and improve growth condition.

Used in greenhouse, germination room and other places, the diffuse dew gas can create better growth conditions for crops, and will not make the leaves of crops wet and produce water droplets into water damage.

The development of artificial fog has been getting better and better, and more and more industries are widely used. We have collaborate with a number of customers. Many industries such as Zoo, sales department, Hengda, Jiangxi fog making, amusement park fog making, and so on. You need us to design your project plan for you, give reasonable quotations, install and debug for you, and perfect after-sale to make you feel more comfortable.

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