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Landscape fog formation

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Fog is also known as artificial fog and artificial fog. In our life, we can say that fog is often seen, but many people do not understand that this is artificial fog. Artificial fog is a special natural scene that is vaporized and vaporized by water evaporating and sprayed out of the sprinkler. At the same time, the fog scene can well attract the heat of the surrounding environment and reduce the temperature of the environment. On the other hand, it can also have good landscaping effect.

The role of fog in Landscaping:

1) Summary: as a new landscaping element, fog technology has been widely used in the real estate field. It can not only become a scenery itself, but also integrate itself with the other landscape elements, such as water system, fountain, rockery, green plants and lighting. At the same time, improving the air quality and cooling function of the small environment has improved the overall living environment and highlighting the high quality living environment.

 Landscape fog formation

2) fog in landscape elements

Fog and rockery: rockery is a common landscaping element in the residential landscape. The combination of fog and rockery creates a harmonious beauty of rigidity and flexibility, movement and quiet.

Fog and water system: fog is produced by water and water is beautiful because of fog. The gentle and foggy mist of water, and the fog of water, presents a life of Chinese ink and wash painting, and outlines a quiet, elegant and perfect living space.

Fog and fountain: fountain's intelligence and mist's tranquillity complement each other and complement each other. The springs are swaying with fog, and the fog is lively and vivid because of the spring, creating different landscape paintings.

Fog and greenery: mist haunts the trees and permeates the lawn, reproducing the natural scenery of the mountain countryside. The fresh and artistic mood that can be met can bring a sense of beauty.

Fog and light: when the fog's gentle and light blurred together, it produces an ultimate visual effect and a strong sense of beauty, showing its unique artistic conception and atmosphere.

More and more scenic spots are applied to landscape fog making, and have been well evaluated. Feng hung technology's landscape fog products are also popular and recognized by new and old customers. It has great competitiveness in the market and has created a good reputation in the market. If you have the demand for landscape fog making, we are definitely your most trusted partner.

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