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Artificial fog landscape

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Artificial fog landscape is also called fog system, artificial fog and landscape fog. In fact, we can see this scene everywhere in our lives, because many of us do not understand this fog scene very well. The fog system is filtered through water in the artificial fog host. After that, many tiny particles are formed, which are sprayed out by the sprinklers and create a natural atomization phenomenon in the environment.

 Artificial fog landscape

Fog system Advantages for scenic spots:

1. Fog system Just foil.

Landscape fog, first of all, is the landscape, and then the fog. So, without considering the fog, the landscape should be properly matched and distinguished. After the completion of the overall landscape structure, use Artificial fog landscape When the equipment is against the landscape, we must make the present landscape more elegant, light and chic, showing a hazy beauty. The size of the fog must be well controlled, so do not hide the landscape itself.

2. Fog system We must meet the needs of users and occasions.

According to the characteristics of customers' use and occasions, taking into account the changes in the needs of the clients, we must proceed from the perspective of people, and do people oriented to meet the needs of different levels.

3, interdependence, full and not overflowing.

Just like the principle that the fog system is just a foil, when the landscape fog is created, the landscape of the occasion needs to be interdependent, interdependent and balanced, so as to achieve the ideal state at the beginning of the design and maximize the use of fog to decorate the landscape.

4, let the landscape be full of culture.

We should take into account the characteristics of fog: mysterious, cool, light, misty, landing clouds, etc., with its unique form and philosophical thinking, fully combine the use of the place's culture and design intent to create different physical and mental experiences.

Because people's living standard has been gradually raised, the demand for many things has also become higher and higher. There are many scenic spots that can be visited by tourists. The competitiveness in the scenic industry is very large. Therefore, if you want to attract more tourists to the scenic area, you must add a little atomization effect on the basis of design alone. The biggest function of fog system is landscaping. I think you can apply it.

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