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Cooling and disinfection of pig farms

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We all know that for a pig farm such an environment, it is very messy, very bad, especially in the summer high temperature, the environment is more vulnerable, and high temperature is also very unfavorable for pigs, and it is easy to get sick under high temperature. We want to achieve a good temperature reduction and a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection work. High pressure micro mist disinfection system It is a good solution to this problem.

The high pressure micro mist disinfection system can solve the following problems:

First, the problem of incomplete disinfection.

We use the principle of high pressure spray to make the liquid spray through the special laser drilled nozzle, atomize in the air, and quickly diffuse the entire enclosure to achieve the goal of thorough disinfection. There is no need to worry about the problem of sterilizing traditional disinfection equipment.

Two, the problem of fog becoming water.

Our mist can reach 1um, and people are standing in it. There is no feeling of getting wet at all. There is no running water in the fog filled places (roofs, walls, floors, livestock, and other objects)! Fog is extremely light and very thin. Once it is lightly blown, it will disperse immediately.

Three, save labor costs.

Our equipment is automatic water addition, automatic medication, only need to press the key to open, the equipment will automatically complete the disinfection work in the whole house! No need for manpower, material resources, very fast! Convenient!

 Cooling and disinfection of pig farms

Four. The problem of inefficiency.

We use high pressure pump to drive 300 sprinklers to disinfect at the same time. The whole house is less than 1 minutes away, and can quickly diffuse every corner of the field. It is very efficient and quick.

Five. Property safety.

If any accident happens to our equipment, the machine will automatically activate the alarm system, which guarantees the safety of its own property. It avoids the disaster.

Six. Complex operation problems.

Our equipment is very simple to install and easy to operate. It makes people look at it easily! It's easy to get started and operate! Don't worry about the problem.

The scope of application of our products:

It is widely used in farms (chicken house, sheep house, pig house, cattle house, etc.), feed yard, food factory, epidemic prevention farm and so on.

Working principle:

High pressure micro mist disinfection system Under the action of ultra high voltage and high power motor, the disinfectant is pressurized and sent to the sprinkler head to spray and atomize in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of humidifying, cooling and disinfecting all articles in a certain space.

Our Fung Hong technology has advanced production technology to provide customers with full process services from design investigation, product customization, installation and commissioning, after-sales service to technical support.

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