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Henan fogson system explains the function of fog system for you.

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With the continuous development of science and technology, the fog system has been known by more and more people, and is applied by many industries, and it is also very good for the vast number of consumers. The fog system is formed by artificial methods to form many tiny particles in the air, which is like adding a lot of celestial Qi in the air. Well, What are the functions of the fog system? The following is a detailed explanation from our Fung Hong technology Xiaobian.

Henan fogson system explains the function of fog system for you.

1. landscape fog function

The fog system has a great charm of landscape. From the natural setting up, natural flavor building to the special creative design of the architectural landscape, fog reflects the integration of human culture and natural landscape. The unique idea of the fog project can create great attraction for tourists and create benefits for tourist attractions.

 Henan fogson system explains the function of fog system for you.

2. temperature control, namely spray cooling function.

The fog system can spray large quantities of tiny water particles when working. These tiny water particles can easily combine with the air in the surrounding environment and evaporate. While evaporating, it can rapidly absorb the heat from the surrounding environment, thus effectively controlling the temperature in some areas and adjusting the temperature.

3. humidification and dedusting, that is, spray humidification.

When the fog system is working, a lot of tiny droplets are sprayed out in the surrounding air, so that the air is full of water vapor and plays a humidifying role. Because the droplet diameter is very small, it can float away in the air for a long time. When a droplet meets the suspended dust in the air, it will be attached to the dust and gradually merge into one. When the weight of suspended dust in the air increases to a certain extent, its gravity is greater than buoyancy, it will fall to the ground, so as to achieve the purpose of dust removal and air purification.

What are the functions of the fog system? This question must be understood. We Feng Hong technology is Henan fog system The production and sales company, our factory in Zhengzhou, Henan, is doing the national business, we provide door-to-door installation services for customers, provide customers with project design options, give reasonable quotations, we have a professional master to see the venue, provide after-sales maintenance services. We can guarantee product quality. If you have the intention to purchase, you are welcome to leave a message on our website.

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