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What is the fog system?

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With the rapid development of science and technology, the fog system has quickly integrated into the applications of many industries. And get the good consumer experience of the vast number of consumers. The fogson system is a natural fog that is displayed by artificial means in the air. It has the functions of landscaping, cooling and dustfall. Well, What is the fog system? The following is from our Fung hung science and technology Xiaobian to give you a detailed explanation!

What is the fog system?

1. What is the fog system?

The fog system is also known as artificial fog, which uses artificial fog making technology to imitate natural fog.

Two. What places are suitable for the fog system?

The fog system is suitable for hot springs, rockery, natural man-made landscapes, ecological parks, ecological hotels, botanical gardens, flower gardening, animal husbandry, large indoor and outdoor mobile entertainment places, factories, outdoor restaurants, platoon, stage, gallery, rest Pavilion, indoor and outdoor restaurants, scenic spots, squares, parks, greening projects, etc.

Three. What functions does the fog system have?

The function of the fog system is to reduce environmental temperature, increase humidity, spray liquid, disinfect the environment, eliminate odor, dust and air, and more importantly, beautify the environment and create a dreamlike natural landscape.

Four, what is the principle of the fog system?

The principle of fog system is to use special equipment to make room temperature water turn into tiny water particles, diffuse in the air and form white clouds.

 What is the fog system?

Five. What components are the components of fog system?

Fog system equipment is usually composed of fog mainframe (providing pressure), high pressure pipeline, sprinkler and so on. Users need to provide water and power supply.

Six, what effect can the fog system achieve?

1, Yunshan mist sea fairyland: when the breeze is blowing, the fog is up and down, and the fog is thick as clouds and clouds. Clouds gather and mist fades. People can not only enjoy themselves in the distance, but also experience the mysterious feeling of being steady and present. They can enjoy themselves in the vast sea of mist and breathe their moist and fresh air.

In the field of artificial fog, artificial fog embodies the integration of human culture and nature, satisfying people's desire to return to nature and the pursuit of beauty.

2, the hot summer season, outdoor temperature can be reduced by 4-8 degrees: the Olympic Games and World Expo, Shanghai, this spray equipment can be seen everywhere, playing a great role in relieving summer heat and cooling the tourists.

3, the air is clean and fresh, which is good for our health. Because of the collision of water molecules, a lot of negative oxygen ions will be generated. It is called "vitamin in the air". The air of milliliters can produce 100 thousand -50 thousands of negative oxygen ions, which is 1500-5000 times of the general scenic spots. It makes the air pure and fresh, enhances the body immunity, and is good for your health. The valley can also relieve you of outdoor mosquitoes. The natural cleanliness and washing air have greatly improved the quality of the air.

4, environmental disinfection, eliminate odor: you can add dispensing pumps and water tanks, add disinfectant, disinfect the environment, you can also add a variety of flavors, eliminate odor, smell all kinds of fragrance.

Seven, what kind of economic benefits can the fog system generate?

1, the unique landscape can attract more people to flow.

2, a comfortable environment allows more buyers to stop.

What is the fog system? This question must be understood. We Feng Hong technology is Henan fog system The production and sales company has been committed to producing high quality products for many years. Its functions are complete and its performance is good. It has worked with many scenic spots and factories. Our manufacturers in Zhengzhou, Henan, are doing business throughout the country, providing door-to-door installation services for customers, designing project proposals, and ensuring after-sales maintenance. If you have this need, you are welcome to leave a message on our website.

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