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What is the principle of fog system?

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I think many people don't particularly understand the term "fog system". Fog system Also known as artificial fog system, landscape fog system. The fog system refers to a lot of tiny particles ejected from the spray head after filtering through the artificial fog host, creating a special natural scene in the air. For scenic spots and many different industries, it can be applied very well. Residential areas, rockery, parks, gardens, fountains, stage and so on can be widely used. Then, what is the principle of the fog system? Let's explain it to you in detail.

 What is the principle of fog system?

What is the principle of fog system?

The first high pressure fog system was successfully developed in the United States in the late 60s. In the first 30 years, the high-pressure fog system was mainly used for gas turbines or other industrial and agricultural aspects. The swirling atomization method is widely used in high pressure fog systems abroad. Due to its technical defects, the fog particles are large and easy to coagulate. They can only be used in places with large requirements and low requirements for details, and their equipment life is generally low. Compared with the traditional fog making system, the fog system has many advantages. It can have a good function of cooling and dustfall, and purify the air quality, which is very beneficial to our human body. It is a healthy, energy-saving environmental protection fog making equipment.

The system has special wear-resistant material embedded in the stainless steel nozzle, overcomes the defects of the high pressure system, and produces small particles of aerosol, which are floating in the air. It is not easy to coagulate and has good stability. Moreover, an efficient water treatment device is installed in the water source, which can effectively purify the water source and remove the impurities in the system, thus greatly prolonging the service life of the system.

What is the principle of fog system? This question must be understood. Now our fog system has been widely used in many different industries, and its function is very good. We can guarantee product quality. If you have purchase intention in this area, you are welcome to leave a message on our website. We will provide door-to-door installation service for you. Welcome to leave a message!

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